Paul Shark The Paul Shark jumpers are the exact fit and it is attractive too. You can get a classy look with the black and grey pair of tee shirts with the denim or khaki trousers. There are many different styles available for the adventure type model and for the sports. The Paul & Shark sweaters are machine washable and they are tested for the fading abilities due to the sunís ultraviolet rays. The knit is hand stitched and perfectly finished. The Paul and Shark clothes can be used for all types of weather conditions. The jacket has many lined pockets located in the shoulder and they are woven with extreme comfort. The other type of jacket has a front opening with a zip to wear it easily. They are luxurious and are very expensive as it is made up of high quality materials. The jerseys are made up of hundred percent cotton and no shrinking of the material is seen. There are many fake Paul & Shark Online stores available so you must be careful while purchasing the Paul and Shark clothing online. First check for the logo in the clothes before ordering for them. They are long lasting and very comfortable to wear. The jumpers and jackets are attached with the matching cap as the accessory. The Paul and Shark clothes are very famous especially for the menís wear. The buttons and the logo are designed with the same color some fake companies also copy the logo but you can easily spot the difference.